Sending Data to Excel

Send Data to Excel to Do Reports


In some instances, you might want to take the information from Prime and work with it in Excel. The most recent versions of Prime have a very easy way to do this. On about 25 of the Search Screens there is a button that says, ‘Send to Excel’. To use this feature:

  1. Use the Search Screen to determine which records you want. For example, on the Clients Search Screen you might want all the cases opened for a certain period.
  1. Sort the Records in the order you want them to appear.
  1. Choose which fields you need in Excel by selecting them from the pull-down above the field you don’t need. In other words, you could take the Rclosed column and change it into displaying the Adults field by using the pull down.
  1. Press the ‘Send to Excel’ button.

You are presented with two choices. The first is check to send all fields. If you leave this checked, all of the fields for the client record will be sent to Excel. If you uncheck it, only the fields that show on the Search screen will be sent.

The second choice is what name do you want for the tab on Excel? If you put a name here, the tab in the Excel spreadsheet is given that name.

When you click on ‘Send to Excel’ the spreadsheet is created with the data you selected.

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