cropped-cropped-KCW-Logo-1-Small.jpgWho is Kemp’s Case Works?

Since 1988, the mission of Kemps Case Works (KCW) has been the design and installation of case management systems for advocates helping low income people. KCW also provides consulting, technology support, and training. The primary product of KCW is the comprehensive Prime Case Management System (Prime). Prime assists Legal Services, Legal Aid Offices, Law School Clinics, Domestic Violence Shelters, Senior Legal Services Programs, Fair Housing Associations, Children’s Rights Programs, HIV Law Clinics, Gay and Lesbian Programs, NAACP Offices, pro bono attorneys, and advocacy non-profits with the delivery of high quality, effective and efficient legal services. Not static, it constantly evolves and continues to provide new tools to providers so they can better serve clients.

The functions of Prime include:

  • reports,
  • calendaring,
  • form letters,
  • intake questions,
  • time keeping, and many others.

It is unique because it allows you to customize its forms, reports, and even structure to fit your needs. Prime users are present in over 35 states and several foreign countries.

John Paul Kemp, the founder and CEO, is an attorney licensed in five states and has practiced law for fourteen years in legal services programs in Washington State, West Virginia, Kentucky and California. He not only managed staff attorney programs, but a portion of his responsibilities encompassed pro bono and reduced fee panels of private attorneys. He served as a VISTA Attorney, Staff Attorney, Managing Attorney, and Project Director.

Prime Platforms

Prime no longer comes in just one ‘flavor’. The latest version, Prime 16, comes in two different editions:

  1. Prime Office 16 SQL Server
  2. Prime Cloud Hosted

These editions look and work the same for the user. However, the driving force behind each is different.

PRIME OFFICE 16 is what most programs go with if they want to host the system themselves. Prime Office uses Microsoft SQL server to store data and Microsoft Office Access as a source of forms, reports, queries and menus. It is the traditional Prime that you are used to, but with expanded features. If you ran Prime in the past, all your custom queries, reports, forms and code can be used with little or no modification. Prime 16 also uses more of the power of SQL Server. Prime Office is installed on your premises and maintained by you.  The optional web features, online intake, PBI portal and case status work with Prime Office.

PRIME CLOUD runs on the web and is an outsourcing of case management. It is definitely cost effective. Users can concentrate on what case management does, instead of worrying what type of computers and software it uses. Prime Cloud combines the flexibility of Prime Office with a web based version. You can choose to use the standard Office version, the Web version or let different users use different versions. Prime Cloud is hosted in a high security, Tier 3 data center run by Venture Technologies. It is an outsourcing of your case management needs. Security, backup, access and 24/7 connection assistance is provided. Also significant discounts to our web based options are available for Prime Cloud users. Current options include the Client Online Intake, the PBI Lawyer Portal and the Client Case Status apps.

If you don’t find your answers here, contact KCW by phone or email.