Is It Worth It?
Even the most sophisticated program is not of much use unless people know how to use it. Therefore, KCW puts a high value on training.
 In this day and age of increased technology, educators have said that human trainers are becoming ever more important. What kind of training do we offer? KCW offers:

  • on-site,
  • statewide,
  • regional, and
  • national trainings which deal with an overview of the system and specific areas.

There are two national trainings a year, a east coast and a west coast. The intensive 3 – 4 day trainings are designed to appeal to all users of Prime. Program Directors, Managing Attorneys, Pro Bono Coordinators, System Administrators, and Staff Attorneys and Secretaries that use the system on a day-to-day basis are encouraged to attend. If you are a new user or average daily user, the training will provide you with the foundation needed to use the system with confidence. KCW will train you on existing and new features and show you how to incorporate these features into a normal workday routine. There are normally two tracks and attendees can pick and choose which sessions they want to attend. All sessions are hands-on with a notebook computer for each attendee and a comprehensive training manual. E xperts are brought in from around the country to help you take your use of the program to a ‘higher’ level.

Are these trainings successful?

“After working with and supporting Kemp’s Case Works for about a year, and seeing how much our staff needed our interface to be customized, I attended my first Kemp’s training in San Francisco, October 2010.  To say it was useful is an understatement. Not only did I get a comprehensive glance at the way the database works, but I learned a tremendous amount about customizing the code, forms, tables, queries and reports. I began the customizations as soon as I returned to the office and had a new front end for our staff to test drive within a few weeks. 

I returned for the next Kemp’s training in Tampa, May of 2011. My organization had already seen the benefit of these trainings for me and were very supportive of my attending another training while I was in the midst of developing a standard usage protocol for our users. Once again, the training was invaluable. In addition to the wealth of information offered, the opportunity to network with the staff of Kemp’s Case Works as well as other IT folks from all around the country was delightful, supportive and empowering.

I just released a newly customized version of the front end that is receiving favorable reviews from our staff. I am once again being given the opportunity to attend the next training, in St. Louis, October of 2011. I am preparing myself to derive the most benefit from this training, as the more I learn, the better the questions I have to ask. Kemp’s Case Works trainings are DEFINITELY worth every penny.”

Ann Neves – Austin, Texas

“John’s three day training is SUPER! After using his program for 9 months or so, it gave the two of us who attended valuable conceptual insight into the structure of CFW and operational information which allowed us to make changes we wanted to customize CFW for our needs. It gave us the knowledge to make CFW sit up and sing (albeit out of tune). Interaction and networking (non-computer) with the other participants was very useful too. New users would benefit too, particularly with John and his trainers being willing to give one-on-one instruction AND no question was ever deemed to be “dumb” by any of the trainers. Do your program a favor–go to it!”

Ken Eigenbrod – West Virginia

“Hi Ken,
Already did the survey, but just wanted you (and the JPK gang) know that I personally think that this was the best – most informative – most useful training yet. The one on one training and having the time to really work on projects was very valuable. It might be useful to do a listing of the problems/queries the folks needed help with during the project sections and share them with the rest of us – I’ve found that I have the same problems everyone else does – maybe their projects would help me too.Thanks again and have a great Holiday Season.”

Charlie Andrews – Florida
San Diego Fall 2004 Seminar