Prime16BoxCDPRIME 16 Standard

Prime 16 Standard uses Microsoft SQL server to store data and Microsoft Office Access as a source of forms, reports, queries and menus. It is the traditional Prime that you are used to, but with expanded features. If you ran Prime in the past, all your custom queries, reports, forms and code can be used with little or no modification. Prime 16 also uses more of the power of SQL Server.

Prime 16 Standard is installed on your premises and maintained by you.  Many of the optional web features work with Prime 16 Standard. An online display of the web version of Prime is available. Prime 16 Standard can be set up to run over the web using remote desktop technology.

PRIME 16 Cloud

cloud_serverPrime 16 Cloud combines the flexibility of Prime 16 Standard with a web based version. You can choose to use the standard Microsoft Office version, the Web version, or let different users use different versions. venturelogo

Prime 16 Cloud is hosted in a high security, Tier 3 data center run by Venture Technologies. Venture Technologies’ Center was one of the first commercial data center facilities constructed in the South. Since its inception in 2001, Venture’s Data Center has delivered continuous, uninterrupted service—even during Hurricane Katrina.

Our 10,000-sq.-ft. facility, located in Jackson, MS, is purpose-built and features best-in-class network, security, and power infrastructures. Venture’s Data Center hosts our VTCloud®—an agile, scalable, fully virtualized pool of server, storage, and network assets—that powers Venture’s portfolio of VTCloud® Services. Our engineering, operations, and help-desk staffs use robust tools and industry best practices to deliver award-winning service. Services include aggressive SLAs—up to 99.999% uptime.

Significant discounts on our web based options are available for Prime 16 Cloud users.