Has the management of your organization overtaken your life? Do you schedule hours out of
each week, or days out of each month, to run reports and review data in your system? Do you
wish you could spend more time on management and less time running reports and gathering
data? If you use Prime 16 hosted on Venture Technologies, we have just the thing for you:
Kemp’s Reporting Services (KRS)!

KRS is the newest, optional benefit offered for hosted Prime 16. It gives you administrative
support using automated/scheduled reports, data mapping, and long term comparison reports.
Instead of performing standard management by running through pages of plain data, KRS takes
that data and provides it visually. A simple glance at the graphics tells you all you need to know
about your organization. You can even use graphical mapping by county to tell your data story.
KRS is now available to administrative users in your program. With this system, we provide more
than 15 reports for your use.

Administrators can use these reports to keep abreast of events in their organization. Like Prime,
you can run these reports manually, when you desire. However, you can automate these reports,
so they are waiting for you in email when you arrive in your office, automating your
management—allowing you to concentrate on managing your organization and letting the
reports you desire come to you on your schedule. Not happy with the reports provided? You
may modify existing reports and create your own. The reports you create may also be automated
and emailed when you want.

You can schedule each report to be run and emailed to you as often as hourly, daily, weekly, or
monthly. You can even specify a time to stop the reports, so they run for a period and then stop.
For a report that allows parameters (for example, the selection of running a report just for a
specific office), you can schedule the report to run with different parameters at different times.