Pending Cases Status Report

I recently created a report for Neighborhood Legal Services in Washington, D.C. They have graciously agreed to share it with the community. A screen shot appears below. There are two parts to this report, a report and a supporting query.

RQ_NLSPendingCasesDetailNew – report

Q_NLSPendingCasesDetailNew – query


This report shows:

1. Cases pending during a period of time you enter by Problem Code and Subject Area

2. The status of those cases (reasons closed or currently open)

3. The ability of the Clients to speak English using the four different classifications


Get the Report and Query from KCW

Now open PRIME normally. You must be in a version that allows you to drop into the full version of Microsoft Access.

When you get to the Main Menu, go into Access by choosing Clients for Windows from the top line menu and choose close.

If you see a gray screen, you are not using the full version of Access.

If you see Tables, Forms, Reports, Queries, and Modules on tabs, you are in the correct version.

Go to the top line menu and choose File, Get External Data, Import and select the PendingCaseStatus.MDB file (wherever you saved it).

A tabbed form opens up listing the objects in PendingCaseStatus.MDB. Click on Queries , Select All. Click on Reports, Select All. Then Import, the two objects will be added to your front end.

Then close the import window.


Add the Report to the Menus

Go to the Upkeep tab and choose Setup Tables for Pull-Downs, Reports.

Scroll down until you find Non-QBF Reports about Cases.

Click on it and add the Report name,  RQ_NLSPendingCasesDetailNew, and your description, such as ‘Status of Pending Cases during a period’, to the table. (in older versions this goes into the table subNonQBF, in newer versions this table was renamed to subReportsPrompt)


Test the Report

Go to Reports Tab

Go to Client Case Reports Button

Choose the Reports that prompt for Criteria pull-down.

Select the report

Enter the dates


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