Opening multiple Intake forms in Prime

Opening multiple Intake forms in Prime 

A question we are often asked is, “Can I open multiple intake sheets at a time in Prime?”

The answer is Yes and it’s very simple. In the left corner of the client intake sheet is a button that says ‘Open Other Intakes’. If you press this button you get a place to put in the second client’s last name. If you enter that and click on the case number you want, a second intake sheet will open with the selected client’s intake sheet.

How many intakes can I open at a time?

I’ve had nine open at one time. I don’t believe there is a practical limit.

Why can’t I edit the new intakes?

Directors told me the risk of having people editing the wrong record, when they have multiple clients open, was too great. They asked that the additional intakes be put in a read only mode. You can still edit the original intake.

However, if you wanted this changed, it would be easy for us to turn this property off and allow you to edit any of the opened forms.

If they are read only, what can I do with them?

Of course you can read and review them.

What most people don’t realize is that you can copy and paste from them into your current record.

As mentioned above, we could turn the read only property off and allow you to edit them.

How can I see and choose from all of the intakes I’ve opened?

Access 2007 and onward allows a tabbed view of open objects. Each intake would be on a separate tab.

If you aren’t running in a tabbed mode, it’s possible to go to the Windows choice and choose ‘Cascade’ or ‘Tile’. This would allow the open intakes appear on the screen so you could choose the one you want to look at. .

If none of the buttons work, how do I get out of the other intake forms?

Its very simple. Click on the X in the upper right corner of the form. It might also be possible to right click on the tab or the intake itself and choose close.

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