Hide Things from Printing Or from Displaying On the Screen

Hide Things from Printing Or from Displaying On the Screen


Forms in Prime can be used for two things.

To input information

To print out information

In some instances, the same form can be used for both things. A perfect example of this is the srchClientsQuick form (which is the Client Search Screen). If you go to ‘Add Ins’ on the Ribbon bar, there is an option to print this form out.


Although this is useful, sometimes there are things that you don’t want to have printed:

Example, the button that says Search is useless on a paper form

And other times there are things you don’t want to display on the screen:

Example, ‘Tear the bottom of this form off’


This tip will NOT work (and it isn’t necessary) when there are two separate forms, such as the client input (inpClients) form and the client printout form (RprtClientIntake). In this instance, controls (such as a label) can just be removed from the desired form or report.

A single property of the control (which could be a button, caption, label, etc.) or whole section of the form (which could be the Form Header, etc.) allows you to control print-show on screen feature. To modify this is easy.

  1. Open up the form in the design mode from the Navigation Pane (2007 and later). For example, srchClientsQuick
  2. To modify a whole section, such as the Form Header, right click on a clear spot in that section and choose properties (if the properties box isn’t already open).
  3. Look for the ‘Display When’ property which shows up both under the All tab and Format tab in the Properties box. This property displays one of the following next to it, ‘Screen Only’, ‘Print Only, or ‘Always’.
  4. Not only can this property be used for whole sections, but it can also be used for individual controls also. For example, if you didn’t want the Client’s Last Name to print, you could click on it in the Detail Section of the form and change its property from ‘Always’ to ‘Screen Only’. That way it would only show on the screen. When the form was printed out, the last name wouldn’t be listed. You can do the same thing for buttons, labels, etc.
  5. Save your changes if you want to make them permanent.
  6. Push out this front end to everyone.

If this looks useful but you don’t feel comfortable putting in the changes, contact us and we can help.

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