A2J Interview Direct Import

Kemp’s Case Works is pleased to announce a new feature to users who have the Online Intake System and also use an A2J Intake Website.  This new feature allows for the automated import of an A2J Interview into the Online Intake Screening System.  The import can also quickly and easily be changed and updated to reflect the newest version of your Interview.  Have you added a new question?  Make sure the answer gets put in the right spot!  Removed a question?  Drop it from the import.

The imported answer file is saved for future reference and review to ensure that it was imported properly.  Answers imported are shown in the standard Online Intake Screening system.  This new system can alleviate the need for saving a text file and having a separate system to import it into your case management system.  It can also provide immediate information to the applicant, including their application number and reminded that they can use it together with a password (if they chose one) to check on the status of their application.

For more information, contact us.

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