Using the _Deleted Feature in Prime

Using the _Deleted Feature in Prime
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Later version of Prime (from later 12 forward) have a unique feature that can protect you from problems caused by carelessness. This is the _Deleted feature. There are 14 tables in Prime that have a matching table with a _Deleted at the end (e.g., ClientsW_Deleted).

This feature protects you against losing records (client intake sheets, eligibility sheets, etc.). It does this in a somewhat unique way. Before a record can be deleted from the tables covered, a copy of the record is placed in the _deleted file. Then it is removed from the main table. For example, if you delete a time record, a copy is first placed in the Ttime_deleted table. If for any reason you need to see or restore this record, it is a simple matter of copying it back into your Ttime table. You can then use it as if it wasn’t removed.

We can add this feature to earlier versions of Prime. We can also add additional tables to this protection scheme, such as an important Special Program table.

Using _Deleted
The _Deleted tables are not normally visible to users. This means that you can’t just go to your list of tables to look at what is inside these tables. There are several ways you can examine them.
1. Go to the SQL Studio Manager and open the table up from there.
2. Temporarily attach the table to your front end, use it, then detach it.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at these tables periodically to make sure that records aren’t being deleted by users building bad queries, etc.

Venture Users
Users who are hosted by Venture might periodically contact us. We could either review the tables with you or temporarily attach them so you could look at them.

Why would you only attach temporarily?
This is a fail safe feature. Preventing access those tables protects you against someone wanting to intentionally remove information.

What tables have a _deleted match?
ClientsW        Calendar        ClientsWCaseNotes    Eligibility        Callback        Ttime        OService
TtimePBI        Compens        Agency                     Lawfirm          Lawyers         Trust        Conflict
We could add additional tables.

What it doesn’t protect you from
The deleted feature protects you from losing records from deleting them. It does not protect you from changed data. For example, changing the address of the client does not put a copy of the record in the ClientsW_deleted table. However, if you accidentally deleted the record from the table, it would go into that backup table. If you suspect someone is changing data when they shouldn’t, you could turn on the AuditLog. This shows which staff member added or changed which records.

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