The Online Application System is an optional module that can be added to your Prime system.  It allows an applicant to provide you with much of the standard data that a telephone or in-person application would.  Some programs using online application systems have reported up to 30% of their applications start with their online application, which can translate into a massive savings of staff time.

The Online Application process exists in three stages:

  1. Applicant makes an online application
  2. Staff reviews the data and decides whether to continue or reject
  3. Applicant can get the status of their application

Part 1–Here we see the process of an online application.

Part 2 and 3–This is staff interaction with the system and the applicant getting the status of their application:

System Requirements

(Modified 7-31-2017)

Requirements for installation (these must be in place before installation can begin)
1. Windows Server 2012 R2
2. Internet Information Services (IIS) installed and running, with ASP installed
3. .NET 4.0 installed and registered with IIS—typically included in the Windows Server system, but also available as a free download from Microsoft
4. SQL 2012 or SQL 2014
5. Access 2010, Access 2013, or Access 2016
6. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 installed and registered on the server that will host IIS
7. Administrator level access to IIS and SQL servers and front-end of Kemp’s system
8. Kemp’s Prime 16
9. IIS and SQL servers must be on same LAN

Optional (Recommended) Items (these are not provided or configured in the installation and should be handled by your IT staff)
1. Static, public IP address for IIS server—may be provided by your ISP for an additional fee
2. Modification of DNS, network, and firewall(s) to allow external computers to connect to the Online Intake website
3. SSL Certificate for IIS server—this must be purchased from a SSL Certificate vendor